About Krishna Madappa

Krishna Madappa, PhD integrates the technology of bio-electrography to empower lives

Krishna Madappa Spiritual Scientist, water researcher, educator, Bio-Well mentor & holistic consultant

Krishna utilizes the advanced technology of electro-photonics (also known as GDV or Gas Discharge Visualization) to empower lives. He is a Bio-Well  mentor. He guides students, startups, and corporations as a Holistic Consultant in resource management.

Krishna Madappa is also a water researcher (over two decades) currently working on a project that restores water to its natural, oxygenated state. Based in Taos, New Mexico, born and raised in the Andaman Islands of India Krishna was educated both in India and the USA in the fields of engineering and bio-field science. His contributions in bio-energy sciences, innovations in water technologies + global consciousness projects has placed him as a sought after speaker on global platforms, especially related to Science and Consciousness, Spiritual Sciences, Quantum Energy Sciences and Wellness.

Krishna is also known as a shaman and Ayurvedic specialist. He lectures on holistic healing demonstrating how pure Vedic and Ayurvedic principles can be incorporated into our daily lives in order to enhance a qualitative lifestyle. He teaches and demonstrates the use of EPC (electro photon capture) using the Bio-Well. As a Holistic Consultant, Krishna is dedicated to awakening and heightening conscious awareness through continued studies on human energy fields, essential oils, water, sound and light. 

His contributions towards the holistic wellbeing of societies in the spaces of water and wellness, to the sciences of human empowerment, was recognized by the Roerich Foundation and was awarded the title as a Global Peace Ambassador by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Argentina in Buenos Aires in 2017.

Krishna teaching Bio-Well basics at KYM Research Center

Krishna teaches the Bio-Well

Dr. Krishna Madappa has been awarded the highest Level 3 Certification by the Director General of KTI, St Petersberg, Russia and is an appointed Certified Global Trainer for teaching Levels 1 & 2 in all GDV related application & devices.

Dr. Korotkov introduces Dr. Krishna Madappa

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