Bio-Well reads the human body energy field
We are electron flows inside complex molecular systems
The Human Energy Field
We are electron flows


– Krishna Madappa, PhD


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How can a Bio-Well help me?
The Bio-Well reads health by imaging energy fields.

The Bio-Well camera reads energy fields by capturing Electro-Photonic images. These images display graphic information about a person’s state of wellbeing.
 This process, also known as GDV or Gas Discharge Visualization, has the potential to serve as a diagnostics tool. It is capable of showing health concerns of the body and mind long before physical symptoms become evident.

Interpretation of the scans provides a holistic view based on the concepts of Acupuncture and Ayurveda. The process is quick, the results are reliable. Regular use of electro-photonic GDV scans would allow one to take preventive measures, rather than waiting until invasive treatments are needed.

The GDV Technique has won the recognition of many specialists and together with other electrographic methods is used in medicine, professional sports and fitness, and health resorts, various fields of psychology and psychophysiology, as well as in basic and applied research.

Accessory attachments are also available to conduct Environment and BioClip scans.

The Bio-Well was developed by a team of scientists under the guidance. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov — the inventor of the science and technology of bio-electrography (GDV / Bio-Well). Many scientific research studies have been done with the Bio-Well over the past 25 years.

For a more in-depth profile go to the Bio-Well Shop page. To download a Bio-Well flyer pdf click here.

The Bio-Well 2.0 + accessories camera reads energy fields.


  • State-of-the-art camera that does not require a power source. It simply connects to your computer with USB-cable (included)
  • Conduct scans, view results and access previous scans through the sophisticated Bio-Well software
  • Monitor your energy state throughout time in order to track your responses to physical and mental influences such as changes in weather or different diets
  • Monitor the energy history of your family and friends
  • Customize your experience by only paying for the scan types and data views you need with three subscription levels
  • Store historical scans for as long as you're a subscriber

Energy Field Program

The Bio-Well camera reads energy fields by placing your fingertip on the lens. Learn about Energy Fields from Dr. Korotkov. More videos on our Bio-Well YouTube Channel

Balance Program

Dr. Korotkov explains how the Bio-Well reads energy fields to show the subject's balance. More videos on our Bio-Well YouTube Channel

Krishna Madappa uses The Bio-Well camera to capture Electro-Photonic images

Learn to read energy fields with with Dr. Krishna Madappa

Dr. Krishna Madappa is a Spiritual Scientist and the President of The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability.

His passion is scientific explorations, education, and more recently in creating socio-economic business ventures that are driven toward the revival of our eco system, from soil, to water, to human and every being in between.

As a Holistic Consultant he mentors and guides students, startups, and corporations in resource management. He guides through wisdom practices and integrates the advanced technology of bio-electrography (science of light) to empower the lives of all. More about Krishna

What is EPI/GDV Bio-Electography?

By Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

The Bio-Well is a desktop camera that reads energy fields. EPI/GDV (Electro Photon Imaging) provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate bio-field evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the earliest symptoms of an underlying condition. Suggestions as to courses of action can then be made. These may include identifying an area for further medical exploration, suggesting products that may be beneficial (such as vitamins, minerals, supplements), or evaluating energy, stress and vitality.  In each case, the EPI scan can provide a broad spectrum of information and supportive suggestions.

EPI utilizes a weak, electrical current applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The body’s response to this stimulus is the formation of an “electron cloud” composed of  light energy photons.  The electronic “glow” of this discharge (invisible to the human eye) is captured by an optical CCD camera system and then translated into a digital computer file.

What is bio-electography?
Bio-Well fingertip image

The data from each test is converted to a unique “Photonic Profile”, which is compared to the database of hundreds of thousands of data records. Using 55 distinct parametric discriminates the data is charted so that it is available for discussion and analysis. A graph of the findings is presented as a two-dimensional image. To study these images, fractal, matrix, and various algorithmic techniques are linked and analyzed. In addition, the system creates instant graphic representations of the data providing easy reference and interpretation. To further enhance the data in an understandable and meaningful manner, a graphic representation is generated, placing the indicators within the outline of the human form, This greatly adds to the ease of explanation and discussion.


Krishna Madappa is a modern day alchemist, sage and scientist. He is skillful in the healing arts and spiritual sciences. He embodies health and wisdom. Time with Krishna is illuminating and joyful.

James O'Dea, USA
James O'Dea, USA Medical Advocate, Speaker, Author

“Excellent!! That is education for awakening!!!”

Alberto, Argentina

Working with Krishna Madappa has completely changed my life! I met him two years after healing from an autoimmune condition. I had been asking the universe to help me heal the emotional patterns that caused my illness in the first place. On my first visit with him he was able to get straight to the heart of the matter! During our work with the GDV he was able to show me exactly where I was leaking energy. Even more remarkable he was able to intuitively guide me though specific exercises to help me center my energy and begin the process of emotional healing. I could have never anticipated the shifts in consciousness that have come to me since our first meeting – and continue to come. Every day I practice the exercises that he gave me and every day my heart and mind expand even more. Krishna is a spiritual scientist, intuitive healer, inspiring teacher, and dear friend. I am eternally grateful for the gift of his light presence in my life. Anyone who works with Krishna should expect a miracle!

Michelle Corey, Taos NM, USA
Michelle Corey, Taos NM, USA Medical Advocate, Speaker, Author

I continue to marvel at the energy and the significant impact you make as you explore the riches of this planet and be not just an ambassador for GDV, Biowell, for Essential Oils, Water, Energy medicine, etc. BUT for the future of humanity.

Terrance Bugno, MD, USA (FACR)
Terrance Bugno, MD, USA (FACR)

Great job, Krishna! Hope we will get outstanding researchers for furthering the areas mentioned. Many thanks.”

Professor Srinivasan
Professor Srinivasan Dean of Yoga Sciences, India

Having received my training on EPI/GDV from conferences and courses with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov in Russia, I reached out to Dr. Krishna Madappa to accredit my skills with the Bio-Well equipment. I already knew that he was a multifaceted expert, teacher and researcher whose acumen spans both scientific and spiritual laws. What I learned is that he is the epitome of a human being whose immeasurable passion and altruistic service knows no limits to the work of uplifting humankind. The breadth and depth of his knowledge combined with his advanced consciousness are unparalleled in integrating the complexities of scientific frameworks with the ultimate realities of humanity. How often can you say that you know a professional who exemplifies his work and honors the divine? I am grateful to say, I do!

Ray Havlin, USA
Ray Havlin, USA

I am inspired, revived, and sustained by the results of my first session with Krishna Madappa and the GDV technologies. During our work Krishna demonstrated not only an extensive scientific expertise, but also a deep realization of ancient Vedic wisdom and healing practices. Krishna Madappa is a vital exemplar of the human of the future, in whom the integration of science and spirituality has found an unobstructed expression. This is the work that should be a part of every educational curriculum and every medical model in the world, for it taps into and utilizes both the cosmic laws of science and the infinite power of divine consciousness.

Elana Joan Cara, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Elana Joan Cara, Santa Fe, NM, USA MD, FACP

I have had the privilege to know Krishna Madappa as a colleague over the past few decades. We share a common interest with Electrophotonic Imaging, a landmark invention by the Russian physicist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Krishna possesses the rare qualities of a brilliant scientist and an individual who embraces spirituality with full authenticity. This combination of talents has led him along the path of continual discovery of the scientific basis of awareness and consciousness in order to serve humanity. It is an honor to have him as a colleague and friend.

Len Wisneski
Len Wisneski MD, FACP
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