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Krishna Madappa has been awarded the highest Level 3 Certification by the Director General of KTI, St Petersberg, Russia and is an appointed Certified Global Trainer for teaching Levels 1 & 2 in all GDV related application & devices.

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The following video links are tutorials for those seeking deeper levels of understanding EPI/GDV science, interpretation and applications. Also good information for present users who may not have the most updated versions of the software.

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To learn more or to schedule GDV Training please contact:

Krishna Madappa

+1 575.770.3304 USA
+91 9480488755 INDIA


GDV Training in India

Two-Day Course Includes:

     Acquaintance with the bioelectrography technique and the working principle  of the GDV equipment (1st day)

  •   Work with a complex set of programs
  •   Work with the subject or an investigated material
  •   Studying of the bioelectrography technique
  •   Practical work with demonstration of the GDV gram of various wellness applications and protocols.

     1st day:

     Acquaintance with the bioelectrography technique and the working principle  of the GDV equipment.

1. Physical basis of luminescence formation. The physiological factors that may influence the process of visualization. GDV-GRAMM and its characteristics.

2. Studying of a specific model of the GDV equipment and its complete set.

3. General safety principles for operating the device, Preparation, connection and adjustment of the GDV equipment, Recommendations for optimum use of the device for your research and wellness application.

4. Software installation on the computer. The basic functions and options of GDV Capture program. Rules of capture of a test object and calibration procedures. 
Potential problems and ways of their elimination.

5. Rules of GDV-GRAMM registration of hand fingers. Purpose and use of reference electrode. The analysis of GDV-GRAMM technical defects. 
Purpose of the filter. GDV-GRAMM comparison without the filter and with the filter.

6. The protocol of work with a subject. Conditions of individuals’ preparation for GDV testing.

7. Work with a most updated and complex of programs: GDV Energy Field, GDV Diagram, GDV Chakra, GDV Screening, GDV Sport, GDV Viewer, etc. 

Processing, analysis and interpretation of the received data, ways of preservation of the information or saving data.

Practical work

2nd day:

Analysis principles of GDV bioelectrography technique  

1. Theoretical basis of the GDV analysis

  • Concepts of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Su Jok therapy elements
  • Ayurvedic medicine (human chakra system)
  • Complementary medicine
  • Modern representations about regulating function of vegetative nervous system

2. Practical bases of the GDV analysis:

  • Types of the GDV images. Dependence of GDV-GRAMM types on age and body condition of the analyzed subjects
  • Comparative analysis of the results before and after different treatments
  • Evaluation of  human energy supply
  • L-R symmetry
  • Definition of perturbed zones and or vulnerable fields
  • Concept of entropy
  • Evaluation of psychoemotional intensity and stress level
  • Sector analysis. Characteristics of sector defects. Concepts of energy surplus and energy deficiency

3. Analysis of GDV-GRAMM o fsubjects with various situations or event horozons.

4. Features of GDV monitoring of the subject's condition during any intervention plan.
Practical work.

5. For those who acquire the mini lab to do independent research on liquids and materials, the second half of day 2 will be dedicated to this teaching with deeper levels of underestanding, utilizing the sci-lab program. This will be a practical and hands on learning.

A final review of the 2 days will be the assessment of the underestanding before certification. Having successfully completed the course you will receive a certificate confirming your aptitude to work with GDV equipment.

All participants will be provided with specialized reference materials as in Power Points or hand outs.

Having finished this course you will get a certificate confirming your right to work with GDV equipment.

NOTE: Recommended books and DVD's will be suggested to every professional seeker who intends to learn and apply the advanced science of bio-electrography towards collective and individual integral wellness.

GDV Training in Italy

Training in Italy

GDV Training in Brazil

Training in Brazil

Gdv Training in Pune, India

Training in Pune, India

GDV Training

To learn more or to schedule GDV Training please contact:

Krishna Madappa

+1 575.770.3304 USA
+91 9480488755 INDIA

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Disclaimer: This guide is a reference and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. The information contained herein is in no way to be considered as a substitute for consultation with a duly licensed health care practitioner.