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Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI) an OverviewElectrophotonic Imaging (EPI) an Overview- DVD

Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI) an Overview is the gateway to the emerging science of biolelectrography. It serves as a scientific bridge in our ability to observe, measure, and most importantly, to understand and reconnect the unfrayed connection between the subtle world of vital energy and the denser world of matter.

EPI technology makes it possible to detect and observe the play of light around the human body, a drop of water or crystal, transforming analogue information into useful and vital data that can be analyzed, applied and shared toward the integral wellness of the whole globally.

The principal tool of biolectrographic observation, analysis, and verification is the EPI/GDV, developed by biophysicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg, Russia. This overview video — presented in Santa Fe, NM by Dr. Korotkov in conjuction with Krishna Madappa of the Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability — is part of a 2-day workshop that was held at Southwestern College.

Topics covered include the history, scientific research, applications and spiritual implications, which are now available to us globally.

Produced by documentary filmmaker Adam Abraham
Program running time: 49 minutes

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Electro Imaging Workshop - Comnplete courseOUT OF STOCK - Electrophotonic Imaging Workshop
- Complete Course

Electrophotonic Imaging Workshop - Complete Course
Many will recognize Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, of St. Petersburg, Russia as one of the visionaries featured in the documentary, Water: The Great Mystery.

Presenting his EPI/GDV technology that has mad it possible and practical to both re-examine and understand our world from an energetic perspective, Dr. Korotkov delivers a comprehensive, in-depth presentation of the capture, measurement, and assessment system for subtle energies in this first-ever recorded 6-DVD set.

This workshop video set is Dr. Korotkov's complete 2-day seminar and workshop. Recorded at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM and presented by Krishna Madappa of the Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, Dr Korotkov sheds valuable light on the science, history, applications, and emerging potential of bioelectrography.

Researchers from around the world have traveled great distances, sometimes at great expense to gain insights that are now available in this program. This is a valuable addition to all seeking the art, science, and spirit of wellness.

Produced by documentary filmmaker Adam Abraham Program running time: 10 hours

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