GDV Express

GDV Express

The "GDV Express" enables to obtain simultaneous and momentary records of 10 human fingers with the following advantages:

  • capturing fingers is 10 times faster.
  • carrying capacity increases of the number of subjects.
  • simultaneous body response, which is very important while psychological components studying.

    The GDV EXPRESS includes:

    - Shade cloth
    - USB cable
    - External power supply
    - Filters - Cover for calibration
    - Cover for capturing 5 fingers
    - Cover for re-capturing of 1 finger
    - Cloth napkin
    - Suitcase
    - Technical data sheet
    - Operating manual
    - CD for the EPC/GDV Camera drivers and EPC/GDV software installation
    Technical characteristics:
    1. Operating conditions: air temperature from +10? to +35?; relative air humidity up to 75% at +30?; air pressure from 84 to 106,7 kPa (630 800 mm Hg).
    2. Operation from an external power source 121 V DC.
    3. Maximal power consumption no more than 50 W.
    4. Weight with accessories no more than 10 kg.
    5. Overall dimensions no more than 470x266x130 mm.
    6. Pulse repetition frequency 1000100 Hz.
    7. Single pulse duration no more than 10 s.
    8. USB-port control of the operation and image transmission to the computer.
    9. Operation during 8 hours in an off and on operating mode: 30 min of operation should be followed by a 20 min break.
    10. Average lifetime no less than 4 years.

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