GDV Compact

GDV - Compact

    1. Impulse analyzer «GDV Compact».
    2. Test object.
    3. Universal grounding wire.
    4. Test object holder.
    5. Finger shade.
    6. Cover.
    7. Reference electrode.
    8. Rack for calibration.
    9. Power cable.
    10. AC/DC adapter 110-240V/12V.
    11. USB cable.
    12. Filters (1 package - 100 pes).
    13. Cloth napkin.
    14. Shade cloth.
    15. Technical data sheet.
    16. Operating manual.
    17. Bag.
    18. CD for the Compact drivers and GDV software installation with an electronic protection key.
The GDV Compact is equipped with battery and charging device on special demand.

Type of battery: CP 1212 1,2 A·h; CP 1213 1,3 A·h
Overall dimensions 97x43x57 mm

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